Homeopathy Under Attack, Part 1


Homeopathy under attack: Last month, the FDA held hearings, proposing new regulations on homeopathic remedies to “shield” the public from possible harm. Homeopathic expert Dana Ullman, author of "Homeopathy A-Z," pushes back against Pharma critics with a detailed analysis of how homeopathy works and why it’s safe. Is homeopathy “pseudoscience" as its critics allege? Ullman weighs in with new science on nanotechnology to explain how very tiny amounts of active ingredients in homeopathic products might work to produce an effect (the Silica Hypothesis); Why do critics ignore the extensive science on homeopathy’s efficacy? Do trace amounts of mercury, arsenic and other toxic substances in homeopathic remedies pose a hazard to consumers? Is homeopathy simply based on the Placebo Effect? How is homeopathy similar to vaccination and allergy treatment? What’s the difference between Classic Homeopathy administered by trained master practitioners and popular retail, over-the-counter homeopathic formulas designed for self-care? Click HERE for part 2.

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