ENCORE: Health Freedom and the Right-To-Choose, Part 1


Gretchen DuBeau, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health briefs us on some of the challenges facing the natural health movement. Among these are vaccine choice—the ability of individuals to make rational decisions about the Covid vaccines without fear of stigmatization or reprisal. The vaccines have undeniably saved lives and helped restore the US to normalcy, but some categories of individuals, such as those with autoimmune conditions, the very young, and those who’ve had previous Covid infections, may have reason to forego the vaccine. ANH supports their right to choose without discrimination. Gretchen shares other looming restrictions regulators seek against free access to natural products—familiar things like NAC, methylcobalamin, glutathione, bioidentical hormones, and homeopathic formulas—and how ANH is fighting back on behalf of consumers. Especially troubling are big-tech efforts to censor social media communications about the benefits of natural therapies. ANH is working on legislation to permit truthful claims about supplements. Wherever your right-to-choose is being threatened, ANH is there to defend your access to health modalities that work for you. Go to ANH-USA.org for action alerts! Click HERE for part 2.

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