ENCORE: Science-Based Strategies to Boost Memory and Focus, Part 1


Dr. Daniel Amen discusses his new book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades." It offers science-based strategies to boost memory, strengthen focus and enable faster study. Dr. Amen draws on decades of experience with neuroimaging, utilizing the SPECT scan, which reveals metabolic activity within key brain regions. It turns out that underlying health conditions, tobacco, marijuana and alcohol, prior head injuries, diet, sleep status, exercise, nutritional supplements, and even hydration have profound effects on brain balance. Dr. Amen argues that brain scans offer a useful “report card” on brain function that can lead to individualized remediation. In as little as a few days, subsequent scans can reveal improvements in brain regions associated with performance and cognition. Dr. Amen believes in minimizing use of psychiatric meds while deploying a personalized arsenal of targeted supplements and lifestyle interventions. Click HERE for part 2.

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