Cutting Through the Complexity and Controversy Surrounding Low-Carb and Keto Dieting, Part 1


"End Your Carb Confusion" with Amy Berger. Amy is a Masters Degree nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist CNS who endeavors to cut through all the complexity and controversy surrounding low-carb and keto dieting. She shares her personal experience with low-carb dieting. How low do you need to go with carb restriction? Do you need to use keto instrumentation and continuous glucose monitoring? Why do some people stall on the keto diet? How long does it take to “keto-adapt”? How to forestall the dreaded “keto flu”? Can you have too much fat or protein? Is the commercialization of keto products over-the-top? Has social media amplified the Diet Wars, fat-shaming, and virtue-signaling? What if your cholesterol goes up when you go low-carb? What about keto for Alzheimer’s? Berger dispels misconceptions about the long-term harms of going keto. Her videos “Keto without the crazy” are available on YouTube, and she offers master classes on keto dieting at Click HERE for part 2.

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