ENCORE: Conflicts of Interest in Cancer Treatment, Part 1


Ralph Moss, Ph.D. writes the Moss Reports, custom guides for cancer patients to help them navigate alternatives. His new book, "Cancer Incorporated," is a critique of the excesses of the cancer research and treatment industry. Moss decries the conflicts of interest in cancer treatment, often amounting to outright kickbacks. He claims the criteria for approval of new and expensive drugs, touted as “game-changers”, are vague and misleading; their benefits are often exaggerated and their downsides minimized. All this is fueled by rampant profiteering, at the cost of patients’ well-being. Natural solutions are sidelined because of being unprofitable. Patients strive to get into clinical trials of promising drugs, but sometimes at their peril. Moss hails advances in precision immunotherapy, but believes their promise is over-hyped. He shares his own experience in dealing with cancer, which ultimately led him to embrace a conventional, but little-used, approach to minimize side effects. Click HERE for part 2.

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