ENCORE: All Those Chemical Additives in Your Over-the-Counter Medications, Part 1


Sometimes you need to reach for a pain-killer, a cold remedy, an antihistamine, or a cough syrup. Have you ever wondered about all those chemical additives in your over-the-counter (OTC) medications? Max Spielberg is a concerned Dad with sensitivities to certain ingredients who wanted a clean alternative for himself and his family. He co-founded Genexa.com which seeks to provide unadulterated, additive-free versions of common remedies. Of particular concern are artificial colorings and flavorings in kids’ medications which have been implicated in attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. His products use non-GMO vehicles and natural flavorings and colorings. He chronicles the challenges that developing these products entailed; he enlisted a team of medical professionals, formulators, and pharmacists to create a line of safe remedies, then wrangled with the FDA and retailers to meet their exacting specifications. The result is an array of clean alternatives to commonly-used OTC medications for a variety of conditions, appealing to health-conscious consumers. Click HERE for part 2.

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