Achieving Age-Defying Athletic Performance, Part 1


Dr. David Minkoff is an integrative physician, and at 72, a champion amateur athlete, training this season for his 44th full Ironman Triathlon. He relates the story of his career transformation from conventional medicine to the founding of Lifeworks Wellness Center in 1997 after his wife developed a debilitating illness that eluded medical diagnosis. It turned out she had mercury toxicity, and detoxification alleviated her symptoms. That decisive event launched Dr. Minkoff’s investigation of alternative methodologies. He attributes his age-defying athletic performance to careful nutrition—he follows a very low carb diet and monitors his blood sugar with a continuous glucose monitor. He uses an Oura ring too monitor his physiologic state, and budgets time for adequate sleep and recovery. He’s also a proponent of amino acid supplementation and has formulated his own performance-enhancing formula, PerfectAmino. Dr. Minkoff also takes an array of nutritional supplements. Click HERE for part 2.

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