ENCORE: A Holistic Approach to Pain, Part 1


Addressing the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction: Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky takes a holistic approach to pain at RebalanceNYC, www.rebalanceNYC.com, a multidisciplinary anti-aging and rejuvenation clinic in midtown Manhattan. Calling steroid shots, perfunctory physical therapy, drugs and surgery mere “bandaid” approaches to pain conditions, Dr. Lipnitsky prefers to analyze the underlying causes of low back, neck, knee, shoulder and hip problems, which he says can usually be traced to maladaptive movement patterns. He believes prolonged sitting is a fundamental contributor to chronic pain that runs counter to our evolutionary blueprint. A pioneer in the use of a variety of modalities including movement analysis, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), extracorporeal shock wave therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells, needling, along with nutritional support, Dr. Lipnitsky individualizes programs to help athletes, performers, and ordinary strivers achieve their goals. The key is to develop a consistent program of beneficial movement and to unlearn counter-productive patterns that prolong the injury cycle. In many cases, joint replacement and back surgery can be avoided with less invasive and more broadly therapeutic techniques. Click HERE for part 2.

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