Three ways to leverage the power of CBD

| By Lex Pelger

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My favorite company dispensing hemp-derived products, CV Sciences offers a wide array of formulas to meet consumers’ needs. When it comes to CBD, it’s necessary to individualize. Learn about some of CV Sciences’ innovative options below.

—Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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As proud longtime supporters of Dr. Hoffman’s work in medical education, we’re pleased to share our favorite products with his esteemed listeners. With our ten-year anniversary approaching, it’s gratifying to see that not only are we still the best-selling producer of CBD-rich hemp extracts in the US, we now have an array of other powerful products for your health. 

Reserve Sleep gummies 

In surveys of why people are using hemp extracts or cannabis, one of the top reasons is always sleep. It’s no secret that lack of sleep is one of the most pressing problems of our modern times. And the lack of sleep is more insidious than just a tired ineffective next day. Chronic poor sleep is linked to an increased likelihood of dementia, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even several types of cancer. That’s why we wanted to harness the well-proven power of cannabinoids to help. 

We’re especially proud of our Reserve Sleep gummies because they combine what nobody else in the marketplace does: 

The feedback on this product has been incredibly positive with customers telling us how much it has helped them to enjoy better, longer sleep. 

THC Free CBD Softgels 

We created these THC-free soft gels to solve 2 problems that we often hear about: 

  1. I need a way to get a lot of CBD in my system
  2. I can absolutely not fail a drug test even once

Even though you’re unlikely to fail a drug test from the small amounts of THC in a hemp extract, it is possible. For those with sensitive jobs where even one positive test would cause big problems, this is the solution. 

In addition, when you look at the levels of CBD used in many of the clinical trials for serious conditions, the levels are often in the hundreds of milligram range. That is not an easy amount to take in using the typical dietary supplements. These soft gels containing 100 mg of CBD each allow you to explore the higher levels of CBD that may make all of the difference for your health. 

CBD Roll On 2000mg Cooling Topical 

We know that CBD on the skin is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and promotes overall skin health. We also know that historically the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians used cannabis preparations for treating skin conditions. In India, it’s been used for skin diseases for 3,000 years and the medieval Europeans used a topical hemp preparation for pain. And now all of that ancient wisdom is being confirmed as we learn about the widespread nature of the endocannabinoid system in the skin and how it is involved in the transmission of pain signals, the immune system responses, the regulation of lipid balances, and the caretaking of the keratinocytes – the skin’s stem cells. 

In this product, we made an outstanding way to utilize the power of CBD for your skin. It includes… 

  • Hands-free applicator for easy use
  • Camphor for cooling and menthol for warming
  • 2000mg of THC-free CBD isolate

It’s one of the easiest ways to get CBD on your skin. 


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