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| By Rick Jahnke

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Wheat germ is a traditional health food that “don’t get no respect”—á la Rodney Dangerfield—because of current concerns over gluten. A new formulation promises to deliver the documented benefits of wheat germ without the potential for undesirable effects: Metatrol®**, by American BioSciences, Inc. Learn more about the benefits of fermented wheat germ below!

–Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Remember when you used to see a big jar of wheat germ in your parents’ or grandparents’ cupboard and wonder why anyone would eat wheat germ? What they knew was that wheat germ helped to keep them healthy and has for many generations. Now, using the most modern techniques in fermentation and extraction, scientists have discovered what’s in wheat germ that gives it amazing health benefits, including benefits for people who are battling some of life’s most serious health issues.

Just a few years ago, in one of the world’s most renowned research laboratories in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, some of the world’s top scientists (including a Nobel Laureate) went to work on finding out why wheat germ, in particular fermented wheat germ extract, had such amazing health benefits when given to people fighting some of the most serious health conditions. Using some of the most advanced technology and equipment available, those scientists painstakingly separated each molecule in fermented wheat germ hoping to find a “magic bullet” that would help explain its many health benefits. What they found was that wheat germ, when fermented and extracted properly, had many extraordinary health benefits, including one that may be the key to healthy aging.

First, fermented wheat germ extract has a great effect on your immune system. As you probably know, your immune system is your body’s invisible army, protecting you day and night. One part of your immune system, called your innate immunity, is something that you are born with while another part of your immune system, called your acquired immunity, is something that learns and adapts to your environment, protecting you against the things that your innate immune system cannot.

Fermented wheat germ extract enhances both your innate and acquired immunity, in particular, your Natural Killer cells and your T-cells. Previous research has shown that fermented wheat germ extract helps your T-cells be more active in their pursuit of invading cells that are trying to harm your good health. It also helps your immune system to find and recognize those bad cells trying to hide and trick your Natural Killer cells. In one particular study, it helped the immune systems of children stay stronger, even though they were exposed to immune-system-harming chemicals. 

Next, fermented wheat germ extract contains various “bioactive compounds” that have tremendous antioxidant affects. As you probably know, antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, which can otherwise cause cellular damage and contribute to chronic health issues. By reducing oxidative stress, you help protect against certain health conditions and support overall well-being. In a study conducted by scientists in Australia, they showed how fermented wheat germ extract helped protect the hearts of mice who were exposed to heart-damaging toxins.

However, the most important and revealing research on fermented wheat germ extract was recently published showing that a concentrated form of fermented wheat germ extract actually “rescued” mitochondria that were not functioning properly. In other words, it made abnormal cells with malfunctioning mitochondria act like normal cells with mitochondria that worked like they should.

Why is this so important? Because mitochondria play a significant role in the aging process. According to a paper recently published in the medical journal “Aging Cell” researchers found a direct link between mitochondrial dysfunction and the shortening of telomeres, a key biomarker of premature aging. This happens because mitochondria are responsible for generating energy in our cells. Reduced energy in our cells can lead to decreased health of our tissues and organs. Next, unhealthy mitochondria can cause damage to our DNA. Over time, this damage can contribute to the aging process and damage to healthy cells. Finally, mitochondria are responsible for killing unhealthy cells, a natural process called apoptosis. As cells age, they become damaged and must commit “cell suicide” making way for new, healthy cells to take their place. Without this process, accumulation of damaged and dysfunctional cells occurs, creating a negative impact on healthy aging.

As mentioned earlier, recent research from Cold Spring Harbor, NY concluded that fermented wheat germ extract was able to normalize unhealthy cells and their malfunctioning mitochondria. The implications for this finding are far-reaching and could be essential for everyone trying to maintain good health as we age.

All in all, there are more than 50 research articles on fermented wheat germ extract, published in some of the top peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals and even though this amazing ingredient comes from wheat, more modern fermented wheat germ extracts are actually gluten-free. For more information on fermented wheat germ extract research, visit the National Library of Medicine’s website.


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