Defensive Eating: Taming your addiction to food


| By Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Today more than ever, Americans’ brains have been re-rigged by the food industry’s scientific prowess.

Ask yourself if any of this sounds like you:

ts_cupcakeshackle_sm2Are you unable to control your appetite? Are you craving foods you never did before? Maybe there are certain foods you feel you can’t live without. Do you know that your cravings are NOT your fault?

There is a physiological basis for overeating and food addiction. Powerful food science and technology have successfully created “craving” and discovered the “bliss point” that effectively hits the center of our addiction circuitry – and we have no power to switch that off.

The food industry’s manipulation of our taste buds and our environment enables us to overeat, even when we never have before. It creates an internal struggle between our energy balance (calorie intake) and reward system—and the reward system is winning! 

So how do we fight back? The first step is understanding just what is happening to your body and your brain when you consume these addictive foods – not always the easiest thing to do if you aren’t well-versed in food science. Thankfully, we here at the Hoffman Center are, and we recently taught a seminar on just this topic, with the promise that we would make our findings available to all of you soon.

And now, it’s finally here! Hoffman Center Nutritionist Leyla Muedin and I have created a downloadable video that will help you FINALLY unshackle yourself from miserable cravings and food addiction.

Find out which foods, ingredients, and additives are “triggers” that perpetuate the release of potent brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that activate the same circuitry as heroin and cocaine! These triggers are responsible for driving eating behavior into the overeating zone, making us insatiable when it comes to certain foods.

This video will give you the tools to effectively disarm your cravings and food addiction. We will introduce the concept of Defensive Eating to enable you to overcome overeating behavior. This is NOT about willpower. Are you unable to stop eating your favorite foods even when you’re full? Have you tried every diet program under the sun to lose weight, but revert back to your old eating habits because your cravings are out of control? We’ve all been there and done that. It doesn’t work!

Instead we will empower you with strategies you can implement immediately to eliminate cravings and combat emotional eating. We will literally show you how to eat, what to eat and when, to keep you sane and physiologically undo the shackles of craving and overeating.

So download this video today to break free from the vicious cycle of overeating and addiction. Find out how junk food has effectively rewired our brains and desensitized our reward system, and how you can get yourself back on track and reclaim your sanity.

Are you ready to banish cravings and overeating once and for all? The full, 90 minute Hoffman Center Event is available here on the Intelligent Medicine website for only $14.95.  (A free ten-minute preview is available by clicking here.)

Say goodbye to your most stubborn cravings and relentless pursuit for food rewards.


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