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| By Tori Lutz

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When first starting out on the Keto diet, many people quickly come to understand what’s known as the Keto Flu, a feeling of immense sickness and exhaustion caused by switching from a carb-inclusive daily intake to eating almost zero carbs every week.

Everyone experiences the Keto Flu to some degree or another, but fortunately not everybody has to experience it so negatively.

There are countless supplements out there that not only help to ease the transition from a carb-inclusive diet to a keto diet but also help improve weight-loss potential while maintaining the keto diet.

Of course, with so many people looking to the keto diet as one of the most effective weight-loss solutions today, there is bound to be room for scams, so make sure to do your research and read product reviews before spending your hard-earned money.

Here are five of the best and most widely-studied supplements available for keto dieters:



Creatine Monohydrate is a fine white powder common among athletes at even the highest levels of bodybuilding and powerlifting, so there should be no surprise to hear about it’s wonderful muscle-sculpting prowess.

Creatine causes the muscles to retain water, so rest assured that the sudden weight gain you may be experiencing while using this supplement is most likely due to the increased hydration of your muscles. All of this increased water weight should shed normally after stopping creatine supplementation.

This increased water retention leads to less fatigue and fewer migraine headaches as the glycogen in your body has more water to bond to. This also helps the body take in electrolytes more easily.

How to Take it: Creatine is typically mixed in with a protein shake and drank various times per day depending on whether you’re loading or simply taking a maintenance dosage.


Fish Oil

Fish oil gets its name from the natural oils produced by various fish and as such is found in naturally high quantities in particular seafoods. But what if you don’t like fish or have diet-related allergies?

Does this mean that you’re out of luck and have to give up on your weight-loss dreams? Of course not! You may have guessed it from the title of this article, but there’s a supplement for that.

Fish oil pills are frequently recommended by nutritionists in order to increase the body’s supply of Omega-3 fatty acids, typically without ever requiring a prescription or any expensive medications.

This not only helps with general cognitive and anti-inflammatory functions but can also have a healing effect on various mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

This means that, whether you’re simply looking for a supplement that helps reduce dietary and workout inflammation or you’re looking for a supplement that helps ease your anxiety and mood disorder, omega-3 fish oil is a great choice for you.

How to Take it: Omega-3 fish oil is frequently sold in pill form and taken orally a number of times per day depending on your necessary dosage. (Note: If you have fish-related allergies that cause anaphylaxis, you should avoid fish oil pills, or test them only in the doctor’s office with an Epipen ready.)



As with any chemical compound, there are multiple different kinds of magnesium.

Chiropractors and sports physicians tend to suggest magnesium supplements to anybody from athletes to car accident victims dealing with muscle cramps, fatigue, and headaches.

Whenever you’re suffering from unusual cramping or muscle spasms, consider magnesium and you’re likely to feel better in the next few minutes. 

How to Take it: Magnesium supplements typically come in pill form. As with all supplements, it is important to consult with a nutritionist before allocating a routine dosage.


Exogenous Ketones

Perhaps one of the least well-known commercially available types of supplements for dieters is the exogenous ketone supplement.

The keto diet is designed to put the body into a state of ketosis; causing rapid, fat-burning weight-loss.

During that weight-loss process, the body produces acetone, acetoacetic acid, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid, together known as “ketones.”

These ketones are the products the metabolism of fats, meaning that the entire purpose of the keto diet is to maximize production of these ketones in order to reach and maintain a state of ketosis.

This supplement can help put you on the fast track to reaching ketosis and enable you to maintain this state with more ease and less stress.

How to Take it: These supplements typically come in powder form and are best consumed by mixing them into a drink..



You’d be hard pressed to find a dietary supplement that nutritionists agree to be as important as electrolytes.

Electrolytes are perhaps the most widely studied dietary supplements available on the market today and for good reason: electrolytes are responsible for almost every biological function in the human body.

Everything from soft hair to smooth skin to necessary brain function relies on one electrolyte or another at some point in the natural process.

This means that maintaining a proper electrolyte balance is key to maintaining a healthy body and realizing your maximum weight-loss potential.

How to Take it: Electrolytes come in multiple forms including pills and powders like many other dietary supplements, but perhaps the most enjoyable method of consumption is in sports drinks.

Unfortunately, many sports drinks contain an insane amount of carbs. However, there are a few that are compatible with the keto diet.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, everybody struggles to maintain nutritional balances while first starting out the keto diet.

However, not everybody has to!

Through the use of dietary supplements such as creatine, Omega-3 fish oil, magnesium, exogenous ketones, and electrolytes, you can ensure that your body stays in peak conditions.


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