Sayer Ji


Health Freedom, Part 1
May 28, 2020
A thought-provoking discussion with Sayer Ji, the outspoken founder of Sayer launched his new book, "Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through the New Biology," during the coronavirus pandemic. He takes a skeptical view of the lockdown, asserting that resilience achieved via sound lifestyle practices is a more fundamental bulwark against disease than restrictive measures. His controversial views have led to censorship of his outreach via search engines and social media channels. Sayer discusses how conflicts of interest by media giants lead them to favor pharmaceutical fixes and to “shadow ban” or outright de-platform dissenting opinions. He believes the current lockdown is a fundamental assault on our personal freedoms; to that end, he has created Sayer argues that the argument over quarantine vs. jailbreak is not a matter of political allegiance; Americans of all stripes should be concerned over unprecedented government interference in matters affecting our lives, livelihoods, and health choices. Click HERE for part 2.



Health Freedom, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Sayer Ji, author of "Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through the New Biology." Click HERE for part 1.


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