Sam Intersoll


Food in Harmony With Nature, Part 1
October 17, 2023
Sam Ingersoll, marketing director of Kalona SuperNatural, is a consumer advocate and educator with a focus on “Soil Sociology.” He offers a deep-dive on farming that produces nutrient dense food while restoring ecosystems. "Regenerative Agriculture" is easier on the environment and provides superior agricultural products. What is the difference between Conventional, Organic, and Regenerative farming practices? What is the difference between Heavily Processed vs Minimally-Processed food and/or raw whole foods including dairy? What should people look for on food labels that indicates Regenerative? What environmental, social, and economic problems are associated with conventional agriculture? Click HERE for part 2.



Food in Harmony With Nature, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Sam Ingersoll from Kalona SuperNatural, an organic dairy brand that sources milk from regenerative, small family farms, about the health benefits of regenerative agriculture. Click HERE for part 1.


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