Rosemary Gibson


ENCORE: China’s Inroads Into Our Drug and Supplement Marketplace, Part 1
May 16, 2023
Rosemary Gibson, a health policy expert and investigative journalist, blows the lid off China’s inroads into our drug and supplement marketplace in her book, "China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine." 90% of the raw materials that go into our medications are sourced from China; many supplement ingredients also come from there. Generic drugs especially are prone to adulteration and contamination. There are well-documented episodes of harm from improperly formulated China-sourced medications. Inspection of Chinese manufacturing facilities is challenging, and many cut corners and falsify documentation. China’s domination of the worldwide drug market is a deliberate policy underwritten by Chinese central planners. It’s a national security issue because it places enormous leverage over Americans. There’s deliberate stealing of US intellectual property with regard to drug development. Gibson discusses strategies for disengaging from Chinese hegemony over our medication. We also touch on her books, "Wall of Silence: The Untold Story of the Medical Mistakes That Kill and Injure Millions of Americans" in which she exposes the pervasiveness of medical errors, and "The Treatment Trap: How the Overuse of Medical Care Is Wrecking Your Health and What You Can Do to Prevent It" which reveals rampant over-testing and over-treatment, to the detriment of patients. Click HERE for part 2.


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