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Airway Health—a new medical paradigm, Part 1
March 5, 2015
Dr. Howard Hindin, founder of the Foundation for Airway Health calls upon health professionals to include an airway evaluation as an integral part of a comprehensive, integrative workup. How you breathe--whether or not your mouth structure or jaw position impedes your airway—impacts your nervous system function, potentially bathing us in stress hormones. This goes way beyond just ordinary sleep apnea, which is surprisingly common. Even without obvious snoring, sleep problems related to suboptimal breathing may affect up to 50% of the population and may be related to chronic fatigue, hypertension, insulin resistance, heart disease, obesity, carbohydrate craving, low testosterone, pain syndromes, GERD, anxiety, dementia. childhood ADD and ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, and many other challenging medical conditions. Click HERE for part 2.


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