Dr. Isadora Guggenheim


ENCORE: Ozone Therapy, Part 1
June 30, 2021
Ozone therapy is considered one of the more exotic modalities of Integrative Medicine, but today’s guest, Dr. Isadora Guggenheim (www.secondnaturecare.com) brings scientific rigor to its application to a variety of conditions. Guggenheim is a naturopathic physician (ND), as well as an RN and nutritionist. What’s the history of ozone therapy? How does it work? How can we reconcile its healing properties with concerns about ozone as a cause of respiratory injury? Doesn’t it generate free radicals when introduced into the body? Guggenheim explains the seeming paradox by marshaling evidence that medical ozone revs the body’s antioxidant defenses; ozone is a potent disinfectant, combatting viruses, bacteria and fungi alike. It also selectively targets cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. Athletes use ozone to boost performance; many patients attest to ozone’s energizing and mood-enhancing effects. What are the various ways ozone can be administered? What conditions respond to ozone? Does research support its safety and effectiveness? On a separate note, Guggenheim describes laser vaginal rejuvenation—The Mona Lisa Touch procedure—as an alternative to hormones for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Click HERE for part 2.



ENCORE: Ozone Therapy, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Dr. Isadora Guggenheim about medical ozone therapy and its application to a variety of conditions. Click HERE for part 1.


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