Dr. Geo Espinosa


Men’s Urological Health, Part 1
June 27, 2023
Dr. Geo Espinosa, one of America’s foremost integrative urologists, dishes on men’s urinary problems, natural support for testosterone, and prostate cancer. Lifestyle factors—diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction—play an important role in all phases of urological health. Dr. Geo explains how he interacts with conventional urologists on the faculty of NYU Langone Medical Center where he practices. Why are men’s urinary problems not just a matter of prostate size? How can natural strategies alleviate urinary difficulties without the need for surgery or drugs? Besides saw palmetto, what nutraceuticals can benefit men with urinary problems? Are there really natural herbal alternatives to testosterone? For men with prostate cancer who are under active surveillance, is there anything more that can be done to minimize their chance of eventually needing surgery or radiation? What nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals have anti-prostate cancer potential? Click HERE for part 2.



Men’s Urological Health, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Dr. Geo Espinosa, one of America’s foremost integrative urologists. Click HERE for part 1.


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