Dr. David Brownstein


ENCORE: A Holistic Approach to Viruses, Part 1
June 15, 2023
When the pandemic hit, David Brownstein MD was faced with a choice: close his practice as many doctors did, or continue to treat patients using techniques he had successfully pioneered over nearly three decades as an integrative family practitioner. He chose the latter, and outlines his approach in his new book, "A Holistic Approach to Viruses." Why has the pandemic hit Americans so hard? Are there dietary and lifestyle approaches that can lessen the impact of Covid? What are some of the innovative approaches Dr. Brownstein uses in his practice to support patients’ recoveries from Covid? Dr. Brownstein discusses the central role iodine plays in ameliorating respiratory infections, along with other key nutrients. He contends that a comprehensive “all-of-the-above” approach can improve disease outcomes. Click HERE for part 2.



ENCORE: A Holistic Approach to Viruses, Part 2

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with David Brownstein MD. Click HERE for part 1.


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