What Should You Expect From Your Probiotic Supplement?, Part 1


When you start taking probiotics, it affects your whole body. This is because the bacterial colonies in your gut—or gut microbiome—impact many aspects of your health, such as your digestion, brain function, and your immune system. Dr. Ross Pelton is the Director of Science & Education for Essential Formulas Incorporated which specializes in premium probiotic products. He joins us with a Probiotics 101 primer. How can you tell when your probiotics are working? What should you look for in a superior probiotic formula? Also, find out how your microbiome is directly related to your aging process in Dr. Pelton's new article, "The Microbiome Theory of Aging." The article details why an unbalanced gut microbiome increases disease risk and accelerates biological aging. Click HERE for part 2.

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