ENCORE: Treating Long Covid, Part 1


If you’re young and healthy and free of comorbidities, you may not be worried about being hospitalized or dying of Covid. But a new problem is emerging: Even sufferers of mild to moderate Covid continue suffering from a baffling array of debilitating symptoms for months on end. It’s been dubbed “long Covid” or “long haulers’ syndrome”. It’s estimated that 10 percent or more survivors of Covid will come down with it, and it may even hasten progression to dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Leo Galland has done intensive research on this subject, and we’re breaking precedent by going beyond our usual two-part format to do a four-part in-depth review of his findings, consisting of a practical action plan for sufferers of long Covid. The good news is that with the proper measures, there’s now hope for sufferers of long Covid. Dr. Galland offers detailed protocols for restoring mitochondrial function, rebalancing the microbiome, overcoming sleep problems and fatigue, and alleviating brain fog here: Healing Long Covid - Leo Galland, M.D. For more of Dr. Hoffman's interview with Dr. Galland, click here: Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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