Tips for a Healthy Garden & Soil – and a Healthier You this Spring! Part 1


Howard Garrett, "The Dirt Doctor," is a leading expert in natural organic gardening and landscaping. He details the parallel between detoxifying and restoring health to the soil and that of improving our internal environments. Just as it is important to have beneficial microbes in the soil along with a supportive soil base high in nutritious organic material, our intestinal tract could be compared to a soil bed. If the intestinal tract is healthy, there is a matrix of beneficial bacteria that reside in that intestinal lining. In turn, they help break down fibers and produce beneficial compounds – called postbiotics – that promote better digestion, support the immune system, and even produce important vitamins that we need for a host of body functions. And just like the deterioration of the microbes and soil web lead to poor growth and health of the plants in that soil, the overuse of antibiotics, highly processed foods, chemical preservatives, etc. wreaks havoc on our internal microbiome. As a result, poor health ensues. Click HERE for part 2.

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