Refocusing the Doctor-Patient Conversation, Part 1


"What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear" by Dr. Danielle Ofri. Much of what transpires in a doctor’s office gets “lost in translation”. Miscommunication is rampant. Caregivers succumb to “depersonalization” which renders patients into mere objects. This undermines patient care. Due in part to rushed visits, physician burnout, and the interposition of electronic medical records, miscommunication also stems from lack of health literacy on the part of patients. Dr. Ofri explores unconscious bias on the part of physicians—how can it be overcome? Why does empathy by health practitioners improve patient outcomes, but carries a potential cost for caregivers? Why do doctors interrupt patients so frequently? Why is simply listening an art, and how can proficiency by honed? Why is study of the humanities now recommended as part of medical training? Click HERE for part 2.


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