Oral and Respiratory Hygiene for the Prevention of Viral Infections, Part 1


While the nose is where 90% of infections enter the body...the mouth is the number two spot where infection enters. There is a correlation between oral care and systemic health. Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and even Covid...all are higher in people that have poor oral hygiene. Nathan Jones, CEO and Founder of Xlear, Inc., the xylitol-product-based company, explains the reason for this is that poor oral hygiene leads to inflammation and, when the mouth is inflamed, more bacteria and viruses pass through the tissue and get into the bloodstream. Studies show that xylitol blocks both bacterial and viral adhesion. For 50 yrs we have known that xylitol prevents tooth decay but now on top of that, we understand how it also helps with our current health crisis. BREAKING NEWS: Government of Dominican Republic authorizes new study of Xlear for prevention of viral infections; Research demonstrates periodontal disease dramatically increases risk of serious Covid outcomes; Major journal calls for research on virucidal strategies for nasal passages; Capsaicin from chili eases sinus symptoms; How respiratory hygiene can counteract inhaled subway air contaminants; Obstacles to communicating truthful, practical science-based health information. Click HERE for part 2.

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