ENCORE: Nutritional Treatment of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Part 1


Dr. Melvyn Grovit specializes in the nutritional treatment of Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis—especially in kids. He describes his first case, that of a 17-year-old with Crohn’s Disease who was emaciated, debilitated, suffering from uncontrollable diarrhea, subject to frequent hospitalizations for intestinal obstruction, his academic career on hold, and at serious risk of early death. The Big Reveal: that patient was Dr. Grovit himself 65 years ago! Now 82, Dr. Grovit is healthy, in full remission without the aid of drugs, and actively treating patients in his nutritional practice in White Plains, New York. What type of diet supports healing of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? Once healing has occurred, can you occasionally cheat? Which nutraceuticals has Dr. Grovit found helpful? Probiotics? Omega 3 fish oil? Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs)? Fish peptides? Amino acids? Curcumin? What role can growth hormone (HGH) play in facilitating kids’ recovery? Why hasn’t the gastroenterology establishment embraced these methods? Dr. Grovit shares the remarkable results he’s seen in his practice, including a peer-reviewed study he’s published documenting his successes. He discusses the origins of NIBD in Kids, a non-profit devoted to promoting natural cures for pediatric IBD. Click HERE for part 2.

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