ENCORE: Is fish oil the remedy for traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Part 1


Dr. Michael Lewis, Retired U.S. Army Colonel, West Point Graduate, and former military physician, is the founder of the Brain Health Education Research Institute. He says that hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer head injuries annually. Some suffer long-term consequences: dizziness, disorientation, headaches, loss of concentration and memory, mood changes, insomnia and fatigue. Even hormones can be thrown out of whack. The medical profession has little to offer these patients. How do you know whether you’ve suffered a concussion? How does high-dose fish oil quell inflammation? What’s the specific protocol for head injuries? Is there any danger of brain hemorrhage with such high doses? Can Dr. Lewis' Omega 3 head injury protocol be employed for patients in deep comas? Should athletes and military personnel at risk for head injuries take fish oil preventively? What’s been the response of the VA Hospital system to Dr. Lewis’ potentially cost-saving proposals? What other supplements might play a role in combatting the effects of TBI? (Listeners can request a free sample of Nordic Naturals Fish Oil which meets Dr. Lewis’ exacting specifications, by visiting Nordic Naturals' web site and clicking on the free sample box in the lower right corner.) Click HERE for part 2.


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