Diabetes Prevention and Reversal, Part 1


The Diabetes Reversal Solution is an on-line program by today’s guest, Dr. Michael Murray. What’s wrong with our current medical treatment model for diabetes and pre-diabetes? Is pre-diabetes even a real disorder? How can you tell if you’re on a blood sugar roller coaster? Why isn’t it more commonly acknowledged that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without medication? What tests are used to determine if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? What’s the surprising role environmental pollution plays in promoting diabetes? What key vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals help in the reversal of diabetes? How do various diets compare in effectiveness? What new findings cast doubt on high-protein diets for blood sugar regulation? Why are artificial sweeteners a trap? What type of exercise is best for diabetes? Click HERE for part 2. And click HERE for Dr. Hoffman's companion article, "Is diagnosing “pre-diabetes” medical overkill?"


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