ENCORE: Could this diet fix your GI problems? Part 1


Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD is the author of “Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach: The Fast and Easy Low-FODMAP Diet Plan.” What is the low FODMAP diet? What does FODMAP stand for? Who’s a candidate to try the low FODMAP diet? Why is low-FODMAP not really a diet, but rather a diagnostic tool to identify the specific triggers of your digestive problems? What causes gas, bloating, and abdominal cramps? How does avoidance of FODMAP foods alleviate symptoms? How does FODMAP intolerance differ from a true allergy? Is is possible that the relief some people get from a gluten-free diet is due to avoidance of FODMAPs in wheat? How is it different from a regular low-carb diet? How can the low-FODMAP diet help sufferers of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)? How strictly do you have to adhere to the diet to obtain relief? Does it allow any sugar or carbohydrates? Is it a lifetime plan? What’s left to eat? What resources are available to support patients undertaking a low-FODMAP diet? Click HERE for part 2.

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