CBD (Cannabidiol)—could it be the nutraceutical of the year? Part 1


Retired military physician and West Point graduate Philip Blair, MD is an internationally-recognized expert on CBD: What is it? Is it legal? Why are hemp sources of CBD preferred over marijuana-derived CBD? Will it make you high? Uncoordinated? Are there other untoward effects? Addiction or dependency potential? What does research tell us about the endocannabinoid system? Does CBD have the potential to alleviate pain and help curb the opioid epidemic? What can CBD do for anxiety, depression or PTSD? For head injuries? For neurodegenerative disorders? Seizures? As a sleep aid? GI ailments? What’s the basis of its anti-inflammatory effects? Can it address skin disorders and promote healing? Does it enhance athletic performance and speed recovery time? What’s the difference between tinctures, oral capsules, liposomal forms, topical lotions, and vaping solutions? Why is the “entourage effect” important? Can pets benefit from CBD? How do you evaluate the quality of CBD products? Click HERE for part 2. And click HERE for the article, "The Scientific Evidence Proving CBD’s Benefits," for more information.


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