All About Scars, and How to Prevent Them, Part 1


Dr. Gary Linkov, a Facial and Plastic Surgeon specializing in lip procedures and hair restoration. What are scars and why do some people scar more than others? How good operative techniques can reduce scar susceptibility; Why exposing healing scars to air is less optimal than covering them; What’s the proper sequence of topical applications? Why some popular over-the-counter scar gels can irritate healing skin; The rationale for the ingredients in Dr. Linkov’s scar treatment; Brazilian Butt Lifts—what can go wrong? Ozempic face—will it drive more plastic surgery? What’s the future for hair restoration based on the latest research? Do natural hair supplements work? Why plastic surgeons sometimes need to leverage psychology skills in establishing realistic goals for patients; How to find a reputable cosmetic surgeon. (These topics and more are covered in depth on Dr. Linkov’s YouTube channel) Click HERE for part 2.

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