ACTION ALERT: The Feds Are Coming For Your Supplements, Part 1


Access to supplements is once again under threat. A new Congressional initiative calls for “registration” of all nutritional supplements, a burdensome requirement that is likely to enable FDA to prohibit certain dosages and ingredients. Gretchen Dubeau, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health briefs us on the implications. Large supplement makers owned by pharmaceutical companies are on board, as they’re already equipped to deal with the FDA’s bureaucracy; smaller nimble companies that produce innovative products will be driven to raise prices or go under. You say it can’t happen here? Think again, as U.S. regulators seek to “harmonize” with Europe which already outlaws many supplements, or limits their potency to meaningless levels. Learn more here via this ACTION ALERT, and register your protest to Congress to kill the bills! Click HERE for part 2.

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