ENCORE: A Primer in Naturopathic Pediatric Care, Part 1


We talk to one of North America’s premier children’s health experts, Leslie Solomonian ND, author of the encyclopedic textbook "Naturopathic & Integrative Pediatrics." It covers virtually every childhood health issue that parents are likely to encounter, from birth to adolescence. Why is popping Tylenol and ibuprofen at the first intimation of a fever a bad idea? What natural alternatives might be preferable? Do kids need to routinely take nutritional supplements? What herbs are safe to give to children? What natural alternatives can help address the epidemic of childhood mental and emotional disorders? How can we stem the tide of kids’ obesity, fatty liver, and Type 2 diabetes? Any alternatives to toxic bug sprays now that summer’s here? How does screen time undermine kids’ health, and are there strategies for minimizing it? Click HERE for part 2.

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