Leyla Weighs In: Nutritional weapons to fight the battle of the bulge

| By Leyla Muedin MS, RD, CDN

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In many patients, it takes more than a healthy diet to win the battle of the bulge. At the Hoffman Center, we typically are a last resort for patients who have tried and failed many popular diet programs from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers to the South Beach Diet. What can be done for such patients? Should they just give up and accept their extra pounds? We say, fear not, for there are powerful weapons to use when fighting the battle of the bulge. First, we begin with testing that will reveal each individual’s metabolic resistance to weight loss.

ts_womanmeasuresbelly_sm2Helpful tests for weight loss patients: 

The five hour fasting glucose tolerance test with insulin is one of the most important tests for the weight loss patient. Not only will it identify diabetes, insulin resistance and hypoglycemia, but also the adrenalin response associated with sharp spikes and drops in blood sugar. Called the most comfortable glucose tolerance test on the East Coast due to the fact that the patient is only “stuck” once, our experienced staff records patient symptoms along with the clinical data for an individualized blood sugar profile. 

Food allergy tests reveal hidden sensitivities that a patient might have toward one or more foods that if consumed can actually result in a reduction in metabolism and weight gain due to water retention. Food allergy researcher James Braly, M.D. says if someone is sensitive/intolerant to a food, they simply can’t lose weight. “One person’s ideal food can be another’s poison.” The body views a food to which it is sensitive as an external pollutant. Hence the aphorism: “The solution to pollution is dilution!” You will actually retain water when you consume foods you are sensitive to, resulting in weight gain seemingly overnight. 

Genetic testing reveals genetic polymorphisms that predispose us to weight and/or health issues. Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with individual metabolic propensities for weight loss. 

Dysbiosis testing helps determine sensitivity and/or overgrowth to a species of yeast normally present in our bodies that may be responsible for food sensitivities, hormonal disturbances and other bodily ills. Identification of a sensitivity and proper tailored treatment can aid in the battle of the bulge. 

A thorough thyroid panel is essential for medical doctors to determine if the thyroid gland is functioning optimally. The best diet in the world won’t help you lose weight if thyroid function is sub-optimal. 

DHEA sulfate test measures the quantity of this youth hormone that has a sparing effect on muscle tissue and helps allay fat deposition. A recent study revealed a reduction in body fat with DHEA supplementation. DHEA should ONLY be administered with supervision. That’s why it’s best to get tested first. 

Hormone blood tests such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can help identify hormone imbalances that can lead to excess fat storage in both men and women. 

Adrenal function tests are necessary to reveal if high cortisol levels are present. Cortisol is a stress hormone that directs the body to store fat—especially belly fat. 

The plan of attack includes an individually tailored diet based on the unique biochemistries of the patient along with the following supplements as appropriate: 

EGCG – This powerful metabolism enhancer is isolated from green tea. 

Carnitine – This amino acid ushers long chain fatty acids into the part of the cell that burns them as energy instead of storing them as fat. 

Chromium – This blood sugar balancing trace mineral can help reduce cravings for sugar when patients follow a healthy diet. 

Wellbetx PGX – is a unique blend of highly viscous, non-absorbable plant fiber developed through extensive research at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine. PGX reduces appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness. 

Capsiate – The capsinoids from red pepper provides metabolic enhancement. 

Dimpro – A dietary supplement that restores hormonal balance which may help to reverse hormonal weight gain. 

Orthomega – Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to combat insulin resistance which leads to fat accumulation around the mid-section. 

L-Glutamine – A critical amino acid in the maintenance of gut integrity with the added bonus of helping to alleviate sugar cravings. 

5-HTP – 5-hydroxytryptophan is a direct metabolic precursor of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation and satiety. 

Those fighting the battle of the bulge need not fear. With our weapons for success, your fabulous results will soon be clear.

To your health!


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