Ask Leyla: What’s the best time of day to take my supplements?


| By Leyla Muedin MS, RD, CDN

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Q: Are there better times of day to take supplements? I know such vitamins as A, C, D, etc., should be taken with meals, but what about magnesium, CoQ10 and fish oil? Are there more benefits to taking them at certain times of day, such as before bedtime?

A: Thank you for this excellent question. Your supplement regimen, along with your diet, is an important part of your overall health, wellness and disease prevention strategy.

You can take most of the aforementioned supplements with meals during the day. Take them with your two biggest meals to prevent any light nausea which may be occur when not taking enough food with your vitamins.

For example, if you take a handful of supplements with a snack like a single hard-boiled egg or just a few nuts, that’s likely not enough food. Larger meals are better suited to taking vitamins.

The best way to take your supplements is to first start eating your meal then take them halfway through. Then continue eating until finished. This will keep you from “tasting” the supplements (mild regurgitation) which can sometimes happen when you take them after your meal.

Certain supplements may have an energizing effect on some people. If you feel energized after taking CoQ10 or B12, take it at breakfast and/or lunch rather than dinner so your sleep is not disturbed.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling sedated after taking magnesium during the day, then best to take it at dinner or closer to bedtime. You will experience delicious sleep!

To your health!


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