Ask Leyla: Do you have any tips for maintaining my ketogenic diet?


| By Leyla Muedin MS, RD, CDN

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Q: I have tried somewhat successfully to burn my persistent fat with this diet but find the 20-30 grams daily carbohydrate allowance hard to maintain.

ketogenic dietI also like to enjoy a glass or two of good red wine with dinner and have found that this seems to throw my ketosis out the fat burning window.

A: Most people undertaking a ketogenic diet can achieve ketosis at a carb level of between 20 to 40 grams a day. Your mileage will vary due to your unique biochemistry and individual carbohydrate tolerance.

One of the most important strategies to help you stick to the program is to always have appropriate foods on hand. And don’t wait until you are ravenous before your next meal. When we let ourselves get that hungry, we invariably set ourselves up to fall off the wagon. Mandate that you will not let more than five hours go by between meals. If you are unable to have regular mealtimes, have some nuts and seeds (about an ounce) to tide you over to the next meal so you’re not hangry. Keeping hunger at bay is critical to your success.

Having a glass of wine or two with dinner will definitely slow down ketosis. Alcohol, like sugar, demands to be metabolized first, slowing down the metabolism of your meal. The best advice is to have a glass of wine (3 ½ to 5 ounce serving) only occasionally—once or maybe twice a week—to keep ketosis purring along. Strategizing a carbohydrate budget will help you in this endeavor.

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