ENCORE: The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, Part 1


Patricia Daly, herself a cancer survivor, has written "The Ketogenic Kitchen," a guide for cancer patients and others who want to harness the benefits of a ketogenic diet. She describes her personal success with a ketogenic diet, and discusses the rationale for using fat instead of sugar as a calorie source. Other conditions that respond well to ketogenic diets include: dementia, epilepsy, obesity, heart disease, traumatic brain injury and diabetes. How low do you need to go with carbs? Is the diet necessarily meat-laden? What foods are no-no's? What foods are encouraged? How do you measure whether your body is switching from carb-dependency to fat adaptation? Is the diet safe? Does it require professional supervision to implement? Click HERE for part 2. Companion Podcast Episodes and Articles: "The True Metabolic Basis of Cancer," "Ask Leyla: Do you have any tips for maintaining my ketogenic diet?," and "Metabolic Approaches to Cancer Treatment."


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