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| By Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Periodically in the past I have shared with listeners my personal supplement choices. So once again, in response to popular demand, here is a list of the supplements that I am currently taking:

Foundation Formula two twice daily
This is a multi that I designed for my patients that covers the bases in terms of key nutrients. I like it because it provides vitamin E in the preferred form, rich in gamma tocopherol and tocotrienols, and safe levels of vitamin A as combined retinol plus mixed carotenoids. It has modest amounts of calcium which accords with the recent findings that suggest that too much calcium may promote atherosclerosis, and it’s iron-free, because most people don’t need supplementary iron.

Vitamin D3 2000 IU one twice daily

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient, and I strive to keep my levels above 50 ng/dl. In summer, I might skip a dose here and there because sunlight enables my skin to synthesize more.

Longevinex one twice daily
It’s my preferred form of resveratrol, a heart-healthy nutrient that helps fend off the ravages of aging.

EGCG Ultra one twice daily
A potent extract of green tea, I take it for its anti-cancer benefits and it helps burn fat. I notice since taking it that I no longer get sunburn, which I attribute to its strong antioxidant effects.

DHEA 25 mg one twice daily An essential adrenal hormone, DHEA has mood-enhancing and anti-inflammatory effects, and counteracts the muscle loss that occurs with aging. I’ve taken it since I turned 40, and now at 60 I wouldn’t go a day without it. If you plan to take it, get your levels monitored by an M.D. (Women need less, between 5 and 25 mg per day). Contraindicated if you have active prostate, breast, uterine or certain ovarian or testicular cancers.

Revolution Pro Maca one twice daily
Maca has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, but actually it’s much more like a South American Andes version of ginseng, helpful for stamina and energy. For women, it helps ease menopause.

MSM 1000 mg one twice daily
MSM has anti-inflammatory effects on the joints, and it’s a great allergy quencher.

Avosoy Complete two twice daily
Combines the joint protective effects of glucosamine and chondroitin with ASU, a popular joint remedy from Europe.

Rosavin 100 mg two twice daily
Rhodiola is renowned for its energizing and anti-depressant effects.

Saw Palmetto/Pygeum/Nettle Root one twice daily
A combination of synergistic prostate-protective standardized extracts

Ashwagandha one twice daily

A tonic herb from the Ayurvedic tradition that combats adrenal burnout.

ALAmax CR Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600 mg one twice daily
Alpha lipoic acid is considered the “Master Antioxidant” especially important for blood sugar metabolism and nerve and brain support.

Ubiquinol 100 mg one twice daily
A bio-available and potent source of CoQ10 that supports energy metabolism everywhere in the body.

Meriva Curcumin one twice daily
Curcumin is an important anti-inflammatory for brain, blood vessels and joints, and it has cancer-preventive properties, but most conventional turmeric extracts are poorly absorbed. Meriva is micro-encapsulated to prevent degradation in the GI tract and to allow for micellar absorption in the small intestine.

MaxiGamma E 400 IU one daily
Although there’s a little Vitamin E in Foundation Formula (200 IU), I like to take extra vitamin E, but only when it’s a high-quality mixed tocopherol rich in gamma-tocopherol and tocotrienols. Research on Vitamin E sometimes come up short, but that’s because they use cheaper d alpha-tocopherol alone.

Ester-C 500 mg one twice daily
In my opinion, it’s not how much C you take, it’s whether its absorbable and it has to be taken frequently to keep levels up. If I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something, I try to take it every couple of hours throughout the day.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Extra Strength Reserve Cardiovascular Formula one twice daily
While it’s billed as a heart-protective supplement, Aged Garlic Extract also supports the immune system and provides anti-cancer benefits.

NT Factor one twice daily
I’ve long taken NT Factor to support energy metabolism, it appears to work by replenishing phospholipids that make up cell membranes.

Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics one twice daily
The importance of maintaining healthy intestinal flora cannot be overstated, and Dr. Ohhira’s offers one of the most balanced, complete formulas available. I like that it doesn’t require refrigeration and is portable.

Pycnogenol 100 mg one twice daily
Pycnogenol is one of the best-researched nutraceuticals on the market, and its benefits have been demonstrated in circulatory and inflammatory disorders.

Orthomega EPA/DHA two twice daily No comprehensive supplement list would be complete without a high-quality Omega 3 supplement

How do I organize my supplements and avoid the daunting task of going to the supplement cabinet every day?

I use handy “vitamin tower” organizers that we give to patients at the Hoffman Center. Each “tower” has seven compartments, so two towers give me my supplements for an entire week.

Once a week, I put on a ballgame or the news and fill my towers. It’s a little tedious, but the little ritual usually doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

On weekdays or when I’m traveling, I empty the contents of one of the compartments into a little clear sandwich bag and take it on the road with me. That way it’s handy when I have lunch.

Most supplements are best taken WITH food so I intersperse my breakfast and lunch with taking a few supplements at a time throughout the meal so as to space them out.

Are there other beneficial supplements out there? Sure, and I bet you could name a few of YOUR favorites. But even the most zealous supplement aficionado can’t take everything. Or perhaps you’re suffering from a condition or have different life circumstances that dictate other choices.

Keep in mind that what I take may not be right for you, and you should always undertake a comprehensive supplement program with the guidance of a nutritionally-attuned health professional.


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