ENCORE: Lyme Disease and Co-Infections—everything you need to know, Part 1


Dr Harriet Kotsoris, Chief Scientific Officer of the Global Lyme Alliance, dishes on tick-borne illnesses. Is Lyme Disease more prevalent than we think? Can it be missed as a cause of challenging medical problems? How do you catch it? Why do commonly-used tests sometimes draw a blank? What research is underway to improve testing? Why do some patients fail to respond to multiple rounds of antibiotics? Do patients with “Post-Lyme Syndrome” still have the bug, or are they just suffering from its aftermath? How can we tell the difference? What co-infections can complicate the Lyme picture? What about the new, potentially-fatal Powassan virus? Can natural treatments play a role in recovery? How do you find a “Lyme-literate doctor? Dr. Kotsoris debuts the latest directions in Lyme research. The good news is that advances in testing and treatment are in the works. Click HERE for part 2.