Dr. Hoffman’s Store

As part of my commitment to Intelligent Medicine, I have a curated store filled with the supplements that I personally recommend. And now, there’s a brand new way to shop!

Dr. Hoffman’s Store is now part of the Fullscript network, the safest and most convenient way to purchase the supplements that I recommend. Buying through Fullscript offers great new benefits to you, our customers. Here are just a few:

  • Fast shipping right to your doorFullscriptsignup
  • Mobile friendly – it works where you do
  • Refill reminders via text or email
  • Safe, secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Authentic prescription-only supplements
  • World class support

To shop the Dr. Hoffman store on Fullscript, simply create a free account (you do not need to enter any purchasing information in order to view products, only your name and email). Click here to create your Dr. Hoffman Store account.

Once you’ve created an account, there are two ways to find your favorite products. If you know which supplement you’d like to purchase, simply enter its name into the search bar on my store page. Or, you can search by category to see a range of recommended products to meet your health needs.

For quick links to our most popular products, see below (Note: you will need to have a Fullscript account to view the product pages):




Methyl-Guard Plus


Orthomega 180 soft gels

dr.ohhira's probiotics_170

Dr. Ohhira’s Professional Formula


Ubiquinol 100mg




Meriva 500 SF


To purchase these and all of my specially curated supplements, please visit our new dispensary.

Dr. Hoffman's Supplement Store
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