ENCORE: Unlocking Your Personal Genetic Code, Part 1


"The DNA Restart," by Dr. Sharon Moalem, aims to help to “unlock your personal genetic code to eat for your genes, lose weight and reverse aging;" How does “epigenetics” shape the expression of our genes? Can you overcome genetic faults through lifestyle modification? Nutrigenomics is the science of predicting what diet a person should be on based on genetic analysis—are genetic home tests that tell you what diet to follow not yet ready for primetime? Dr. Moalem shares some functional tests that readers can easily perform at home: the “cracker test;” the "ear wax test;” Dr. Moalem is also the author of a previous book “Survival of the Sickest” which explains how some seemingly bad genes help to protect us; What is “umami” and how can it be harnessed to keep us from over-eating? What crucial culinary tip helps to harness the benefits of garlic? Why does Dr. Moalem favor Oolong tea? How can a low-cholesterol diet sometimes backfire and result in higher cholesterol? How do exercise and sleep help us maximize our genetic potential? Click HERE for part 2.

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