ENCORE: The Spiritual Dimension of Healing, Part 1


America’s foremost integrative ENT, Dr. Ben Asher, weighs in on the spiritual dimension of healing: Why does Dr. Asher characterize modern medicine as “fear-based”? What’s wrong with our contemporary conception of illness? How are patients made to suffer guilt and stigmatization for failing to ward off health problems? Why are even holistic practitioners sometimes complicit in fostering these harmful attitudes? Dr. Asher recalls his profound personal transformational experience at the hands of a Mayan healer. How has that affected his attitude towards healing? Could mindfulness help health professionals avert “compassion burnout”? How do drugs like MDMA act as “empathogens” enabling patients to recover from PTSD? Dr. Asher describes his own unique meditation practices and shares meditation resources. Click HERE for part 2.

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