The Nutraceuticals of the Decade? Part 1


There’s more to hemp than just CBD (cannabidiol). So says Carl Germano, expert on cannabinoids and Vice President of Verdant Oasis, a quality manufacturer and supplier of hemp-sourced products. Germano explains the “Entourage Effect” whereby numerous compounds in hemp act synergistically on a multitude of physiological pathways. Natural plant-derived cannabinoids have the potential to be the nutraceuticals of the decade. They have been used in folk medicine for nervous disorders and painful conditions for millennia. What’s their utility for headaches? For back pain? As an alternative to opiates and NSAIDs? For insomnia? To prevent and reverse osteoporosis? For ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease? For skin problems? To support athletic performance and recovery? For neurodegenerative disorders? Even for cancer? Why has hemp been unfairly stigmatized? What’s its legal status? How do the various delivery systems compare: oral capsules, tinctures, vaping, vs. topical application? Germano details what consumers should look for in terms of quality considerations. As a postscript, in light of his authorship of The Osteoporosis Solution, Germano weighs in on the bone benefits of ipriflavone.


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