The Epidemic of Diabetes, Part 1


Dr. David Perlmutter is America’s foremost Integrative neurologist and pioneering author of "Grain Brain." Five years after its publication, with over a million copies sold worldwide in twenty languages, he reflects on its success and the vindication of its central tenets: That America’s low-fat high/carb mania has promoted an epidemic of diabetes, just when optimal blood sugar is gaining recognition as fundamental to brain health; that gluten is demonstrably harmful via its effects on gut permeability; and that fat and cholesterol phobia has deprived our brains of essential nutrients. He emphasizes the centrality of exercise to prevention and reversal of dementia. The latest research underlies the concept of neuroplasticity—that the adult brain has the capacity to repair and regenerate. What newly-discovered factor helps to literally regrow brain cells? Does genetics dictate our neurological fate? Or can lifestyle overcome our heredity? What roles for sleep? Stress reduction? Coffee? Alcohol? Bio-identical hormone replacement? The microbiome? Cannabinoids? Ketogenic diet? What drugs take a toll on brain function? Dr. Perlmutter will soon be featured nationwide in a PBS Special entitled “Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan”. Click HERE for part 2.


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