Q&A with Leyla, Part 2: Heart Palpitations


I have a heterozygous PCSK9 mutation. Do you have any thoughts on the new PCSK9 inhibitors?; I get heart palpitations after I eat. My doctor told me to ignore it, but why does it happen after I eat?; My PSA went up to a 3.9 from 2.7 and I'm reluctant to have a biopsy. Are there any non-invasive tests that could give me a sense of how serious this is?; I have fungus infection in several toes and have tried everything for it. I've decided to take terbinafine but this can be hard on the liver. Are there any supplements to take to mitigate the dangers?; Do you agree with Beth Shirley from your recent podcast that arginine is not helpful for nitric oxide production? And what exactly is in Viagra that makes it so effective? Click HERE for part 1.

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