Precision Lifestyle Medicine, Part 1


A deep-dive on genetic testing: "Unzip Your Genes" is a new book by biochemist-turned-naturopath Dr. Jennifer Stagg. She maintains that genes are not your destiny, and that awareness of your genetic makeup can empower you toward personal health optimization—Precision Lifestyle Medicine. What is genomic testing? What questions can it answer? What is a SNP? What’s the importance of the MTHFR genes? How do SNPs affect food behaviors? How can knowledge of appetite and metabolic SNPs aid us in formulating diets and overcoming obstacles to weight loss? Is there an obesity gene? How can genes help us understand why some people have a paradoxical reaction to exercise—even gaining weight? Can SNPs predict sports aptitude? Can genomic profiles foretell which diet is most suitable for an individual? Is the science of “nutrigenomics” ready for primetime? Can SNPs tell us which supplements are appropriate for us? How best to obtain meaningful genetic analysis? Click HERE for part 2.


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