Clinical Focus: Natural Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis, Part 1


Multiple Sclerosis Is a devastating condition for which drugs, with their attendant side effects, have little to offer. Yet it is extraordinarily responsive to natural therapies. In this Clinical Focus podcast episode, we explore the evidence supporting diet modification: Which is better, the Swank Diet, or the Paleo Autoimmune Diet, as popularized by the Wahls Protocol? What about environmental factors like chemical exposure and mercury? We summarize the research behind vitamin D, omega 3s, B12, antioxidants, alpha lipoid acid, pycnogenol, curcumin, sulforaphane, nicotinamide riboside, CoQ10, and carnitine. Is bee venom helpful? What about a controversial surgery for MS? Is there a gut connection to MS? What about marijuana derivatives like CBD? Does low-dose naltrexone help MS sufferers? Click HERE for part 2.

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