Natural Prevention of Ear Infections AND Cavities, Part 1


Dr. Lon Jones and his wife Jerry Bozeman are the originators of Xlear nasal spray. Dr. Jones, a family physician, was inspired by the predicament of his grand-daughter who was faced with the prospect of ear tubes after a series of ear infections. Jerry, an early childhood development expert, persuaded Dr. Jones to seek out a less-invasive alternative, and his research uncovered the anti-bacterial properties of xylitol. The result was Xlear nasal spray, and the Spry Dental Defense System. What risks do chronic ear infections pose to children? Why do 90% of hyperactive kids have a history of three or more ear infections? How does xylitol work to prevent infections? What are biofilms and why do they contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance? How does xylitol impact biofilms? What research studies support the idea that xylitol can combat respiratory infections and tooth decay? How can xylitol be administered to small children? What precautions need to be taken vis a vis animal consumption of xylitol? Can Xlear nasal spray help asthma? Click HERE for part 2.


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