Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for June 2, Part 2


Fast-walking reduces all-cause mortality; Walking benefits augmented if you chew gum; Standing on a vibration platform increases cartilage thickness, augments bone density, balance, improves body composition; Why are mainstream doctors so reluctant to order 5-hour glucose tolerance tests for patients with hypoglycemia symptoms? Should supplements be taken with fat? With food or away from it? A vitamin D expert provides answers; Low levels of vitamin D associated with cognitive decline; Hot flashes may persist well past middle age; What are Holy Basil supplements good for? New blood test may improve on predictive value of PSAs; A call-to-action: Bring back Home Ec classes! Probiotics taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding reduce infant eczema by 70%. Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.


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