Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for February 1, Part 1


Everything you need to know about the Coronavirus outbreak—The good, the bad and the uncertain: World Health Organization declares international public health emergency; air travel to China suspended; Western personnel evacuated; toll vastly under-reported; market crashes on pandemic fears; tens of millions of Chinese under lockdown; do face masks even work? How contagious is it? “Natural cures” touted but FDA and Facebook issue warnings against phony cures; Purell won’t protect you; Vaccine makers rush trials; Potential of antiviral drugs explored; Conspiracy theories abound—is it man-made? Are exotic animal markets the source of contagion? A previous viral scare prompted government to stockpile billions of doses of Tamiflu—now a whistleblower claims Hoffmann-LaRoche knew it was ineffective. Click HERE for part 2. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.

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