HPV Vaccines: The Risks vs. the Potential Benefits, Part 1


"Manufactured Crisis: HPV Hype & Horror"—the title of a new documentary (www.hpvvaxfilm.com) by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA.org). We talk to the producer Tim Reihm, Communications Director for ANH and Rob Verkerk, Executive and Scientific Director of ANH International. Why is there a need for this documentary? What are some of the side effects of the vaccine? Is it as effective as claimed? Can immunity wane after several decades? Doesn’t casting doubt on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine put the public at risk? Will there be an attempt to censor or suppress this documentary? Are there vested interests promoting the vaccine? Are they active in urging legislators to pass laws requiring compulsory vaccination? Why the visceral reaction to anyone perceived to be an “anti-vaxxer”? What’s are alternatives to the HPV vaccine in terms of cervical CA prevention? Click HERE for part 2.


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